A 50 minute class combining pilates exercises and ballet techniques designed to elongate, tone and sculpt your body. In this class you will use small props and a ballet barre for a low impact, full body workout.

Maximum of 6 participants per class.

No background in dance necessary!

Suitable for beginners to advanced.



A 50 minute class focused on balancing the body through strength building, core conditioning, deep stretching and an emphasis on posture and alignment. In this class you will use pilates reformer beds which incorporates spring resistance to create a dynamic and challenging workout. 

Maximum of 7 participants per class.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.


A 60 minute session in which the instructor will guide you through a series of exercises to meet your unique needs. In this session you will use a variety of equipment and props including the reformer, trap table and wunda chair. Ideal for those who prefer a session specifically designed for their goals or those recovering from injury. Prior to your first session, regardless of fitness levels or injury, an initial assessment must be completed where goals will be discussed and an individual program developed.

Private or group sessions with a maximum of 3 participants

Chair + Reformer

The 50 minute class will combine the much loved Reformer and the Wunda Chair to bring you the ultimate pilates playground.
The Wunda chair will challenge your core strength, improve your balance  and work your whole body like no other piece of equipment.


We want YOU  to move without fear or limitation, feel strong throughout your pregnancy, prepare you for labor and jump-start your postpartum healing. The class focuses on:

- Maintaining your fitness throughout your pregnancy

- Connecting pelvic floor and deeper abdominal muscles

- Strengthening and stretching muscle groups which are weakened and tight from postural changes and stresses that occur during pregnancy, and following the birth of your baby.